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wish you were beer [userpic]

"He's farting already"

October 18th, 2006 (09:55 am)

current mood: spic 'n span clean
current song: "Closer" by NIN (in my head)

I started to volunteer at my mom's school (she is the vice principal at a high school). The reason why? you may ask. Because I am getting the opportunity to work alongside Art Wolfe (the world renown wildlife and nature photographer). By working with high school students to revitalize an abandoned water shed, I am getting the opportunity to document the process with digital cameras provided by Canon and a chance to showcase the photography at Art Wolfe's studio. Awesome I say. Let's hope it works out. Unfortunately working on this project has seriously hindered any possibilities of finding a new job. I need a new job badly. Something has to give.