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wish you were beer [userpic]

"Pants are a good investment!"

October 9th, 2006 (09:32 pm)

current mood: peaceful

I am free!

How is that for a random not explained excited exclamation? But believe you me I am free and it feels fucking good to be at this point. Take a gander as to what my "shackles", if you will, were.

I went to my elementary/middle school reunion. Elementary/middle school reunion? You may be asking yourself. Well, many people I went to elementary and middle school with had lost contact for years but found each other on oh so popular myspace. People left each other messages with your typical "Hows you doin'?" then ended saying we should all get together. But of course people would only talk about it but never plan anything. One former classmate got fed up with people's insolence and planned a time. It was fun. A lot more fun that I an anticipated. I'm glad I went despite my hesitation to go since my ex-best friend was going to be there. But at some point you have to get over it because more than likely no one is mad but you.