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"White people are up early in the morning killing people" (part II)

November 11th, 2006 (11:10 pm)

I am packing up my shit and moving to a new journal. If you actually still keep up with this one then be my friend at the new one!



"White people are up early in the morning killing people"

November 11th, 2006 (11:21 am)

current mood: accomplished
current song: "Flowers In Bloom" by Thicke (in my head)

Today I am thankful for boxing fitness classes

"Don't worry Andy, not everyone is a pussy magnet"

November 10th, 2006 (10:09 am)

current mood: chill
current song: "Since You've Been Gone" by Kelly Clarkson (in my head)

Last November I participated in this idea: "To put myself in a better mood for Thanksgiving, I will try to post everyday about one thing for which I am grateful, one moment in my life for which I can show thanks. I encourage all of you to join me in this, if you wish. There are 24 days until Thanksgiving. Surely we can find 24, one for each hour in a day?" I decided to participate again and I may be ten days late but its better late than never!

Today I am thankful for my co-worker who decided to switch shifts with me on Thanksgiving so I will be able to enjoy the day's festivities.

"Some people take it too far"

October 30th, 2006 (11:05 am)

current mood: blah

I took my dog to Dog-O-Ween on Saturday dressed up as Yoda from Star Wars and he did not do well at all. His back legs are iffy due to old age and he was walking terribly. He didn't seem intimated by the other costumed clad dogs crazily running about. One white female pit bull mix seemed particularly smitten with Zeus (my dog) but he wasn't the least bit interested. At least he didn't try to mount any small dogs this most recent visit to the dog park. The other costumes were cute. I saw inmates, a weiner dog dressed up as a hot dog, and even some dogs wearings hats (although one was blinded given the hat was too big and positioned over his eyes but he somehow managed.). We didn't stay long but the event was featured on the news that night. Cute.

This day has become very, for lack of a better word, blah. I'm hoping for a miraculous turn around.

"He's farting already"

October 18th, 2006 (09:55 am)

current mood: spic 'n span clean
current song: "Closer" by NIN (in my head)

I started to volunteer at my mom's school (she is the vice principal at a high school). The reason why? you may ask. Because I am getting the opportunity to work alongside Art Wolfe (the world renown wildlife and nature photographer). By working with high school students to revitalize an abandoned water shed, I am getting the opportunity to document the process with digital cameras provided by Canon and a chance to showcase the photography at Art Wolfe's studio. Awesome I say. Let's hope it works out. Unfortunately working on this project has seriously hindered any possibilities of finding a new job. I need a new job badly. Something has to give.

"Why does he call me multiple times a day when I see him at home at night?"

October 11th, 2006 (10:10 am)

current mood: sick
current song: "Wrong Way" by Sublime (in my head)

My fucking multi-vitamin makes me feel like I'm going to throw up everytime I take it. I don't know what the problem is here. I take it after I eat breakfast.

About two weeks ago I started to run six miles three times a week instead of my usual five and I was kicking ass but recently as I started my runs with the intention to get to six miles I choke by four and a half miles. I start to cramp or the back of my legs start to get numb. It sucks. I guess I'll be going back to five miles and working my way up again. I get complimented on my running by other gym patrons which is weird. People inquire about how many miles I run a week and most assume I do marathons. Not quite, although I have set a goal for myself to run a 5K (3.1 miles) in under 30 minutes. I am searching for a 5K I want to run.

"Pants are a good investment!"

October 9th, 2006 (09:32 pm)

current mood: peaceful

I am free!

How is that for a random not explained excited exclamation? But believe you me I am free and it feels fucking good to be at this point. Take a gander as to what my "shackles", if you will, were.

I went to my elementary/middle school reunion. Elementary/middle school reunion? You may be asking yourself. Well, many people I went to elementary and middle school with had lost contact for years but found each other on oh so popular myspace. People left each other messages with your typical "Hows you doin'?" then ended saying we should all get together. But of course people would only talk about it but never plan anything. One former classmate got fed up with people's insolence and planned a time. It was fun. A lot more fun that I an anticipated. I'm glad I went despite my hesitation to go since my ex-best friend was going to be there. But at some point you have to get over it because more than likely no one is mad but you.

"If you're not eating anybody out don't worry about it"

October 3rd, 2006 (11:36 am)

current mood: hopeful
current song: "City Unite" by Drunken Immortals

It is a new month people! How exciting. A whole 'nother month for good (hopefully) opportunities.

Tonight I'm going to see Drunken Immortals. Too bad I don't have any Seattle folks on my buddy list. I'd bug y'all to go.

My credit card bill is going to be over $2000 this month. But thankfully since I did a huge favor for someone I already have $1500 of it paid off.

On a totally random note, I am wearing the cutest burgandy peep toed shoes. Thank you Target!

"How convenient for you and the clock"

September 26th, 2006 (10:36 am)

I love my dad but he is really trying my patience as of late.

"Ain't nobody steppin' in poop"

September 24th, 2006 (04:38 pm)

current mood: rejuvenated

Last night I went to The Wet Spot with a particurlarly queerish straight man. I got to tell him what to do and spank his ass with a paddle. Dominance is certainly a fun thing. Although the experience wasn't as intense as I assumed it to be: extra hard core BDSM scenes, people having sex everywhere, everyone butt ass naked I still have decided to join. Being the shortest and only non-white person there definitely has added to the appeal of joining.

In my intermediate pole dancing class I'll be learning to hang upside down. That job stripping sure isn't far behind.

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